Cara Mund [Human Interest]

It is now a good time to be from one of the least populous states widely known for only wind and cold. North Dakota is an assemblage of small towns surrounded by rich land and family farms. The largest town is about 1% of the population of New York City. However, there is another assemblage in North Dakota. An assemblage of a kind, insightful people with an almost unmatched work ethic and common sense borne out of rural agrarian roots.

I am proud to be a NoDak. And now . . . we have a Miss America! North Dakota’s first and only. Ever since the very first Miss America pageant, North Dakota has only three contestants to ever make the top ten and nary a single winner. Just to let you know how singular this is; California has over fifty times more young ladies to choose from, so this particular young lady, Cara Mund, must be pretty special – and she is.

At the age of fourteen when most teenage girls are majoring in intolerance, boys, I-phones and sarcasm, Cara turned her attention to philanthropy. In the next ten years, she raised over $78,000 for the Make a Wish Foundation. She granted 23 wishes for the children in her home state.

She is an Ivy League graduate and high achiever who sets her sights on an equally elevated plane. She wants to be the first female governor of her home state of North Dakota. You had better believe that when Cara sets her sights on something, that the governor’s office may be in for a redecoration with a feminine touch.

North Dakota, because of the extreme cold and flat plains, was always thought of as a place to be from and seldom a place to go to. Cara Mund may have changed all that. In talking to people from other states, the depiction of NoDak women was characterized as a typical strong milkmaid or the plain Jane pioneer out of Laura Ingalls novel. Cara Mund brings a new meaning to the word North Dakota strong. She has strength of character, she has a strong sense of charity, she has a keen intellect, and a sense of purpose.

There were many shied away from relating where we were from, myself among them, because of the caricature of typical NoDak, That of bib overalls with a straw between your teeth, and an “aw shucks,” hillbilly. But I will not shy away from telling people where I am from now. Not with Miss America holding the banner of North Dakota, the Peace Garden state.

Therapy for the Soul [SEO]

There is not a very well-kept secret in the mile high city, and that would be one the most distinctive neighborhoods in all of the United States. This is a place where you can enjoy the turn of the century architecture and where art and history blend to form a truly singular experience. It is the Santa Fe Art District in Denver, Colorado.

The sights, sounds and aromas of the Santa Fe Art District are unique in their assault on the senses. Nationally known, but distinctively local, (with a Hispanic flavor), with more than one hundred small shops, galleries, and restaurants, it is the best of Colorado. The colorful graffiti-lined streets are bright, vivid and intense with the cool old buildings bringing a sense of nostalgia. With all of the small shops, restaurants and galleries it is one of the great places to just wander.

You won’t find any corporate, pre-prepared, mass-produced, assembly line restaurants here. The restaurants are genuinely unique, home-style, cooked fares all the way from sushi to a succulent steak. Speaking of steaks – the Buckhorn Exchange is a place not to be missed. The winner of the Expert’s Choice Award for 2017, this is a rare treat. This extraordinary dining experience is set among the oldest neighborhood in Denver that seems alive with the many and varied wildlife from the mountain area. The meals are bountiful. They use only USDA prime beef. There is also buffalo, wild game, fish and even ostrich and yak. It is not to be missed.

But the main draw is dedicated to the arts. Visual arts, performing arts, even ballet is available for the art patron in the three or four blocks devoted to the Santa Fe Arts District. It is a place where you can wander aimlessly while examining and enjoying art and at times, even talk to the curator or the artist.

Fridays are special throughout the district. The first Friday of the month within this thriving community which is the hub of the arts is designated as the Friday Art Walks with free shuttle service from the light rail. The Art Walks are from six to nine pm. Over sixty galleries and restaurants, as well as some artists studios, are open and you may find various forms of art including sculpture, painting, photography and many more. Food trucks will line the streets with a varied array of special food treats and beverages, and free wine and assorted snacks are served at many galleries.

Every third Friday is a collectors preview where artists are more available to the individual patrons and the last Friday, (from June to September), is what they call a Golden Triangle Creative District from 5 to 9 and it is free. If you want to visit the Denver Art Museum, the Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Art and the Molly Brown House Museum, then this is the place and time where you want to be on the last Friday of the month.

In addition to the myriad of arts to take in and enjoy, the district is just an excellent place to enjoy a favorite cup of coffee. The are many coffee shops there invite you to relax and take all the sights, sounds, and aromas. How about shopping for vintage clothes and perusing the antique stores for treasures? These three or four blocks are just perfect for strolling. If you enjoy your solitude,  or you want to enjoy it with someone special, walking through such a vibrant and colorful neighborhood is therapeutic.

Make Denver one of your vacation spots. The view of the mountains is breathtaking, and a visit to the Santa Fe Arts District is therapy for the soul. 

K&M Welding  (SEO)

Welcome to K&M Welding in Atwater, California

Welcome! Our website is designed to give you the knowledge and the facts that will make it easier to choose the best welders in Atwater and the surrounding area. That would be K&M Welding! At K&M Welding, our specialty is the difficult. We specialize in structural steel, general fabrication and repairs, equipment repairs and commercial work in the Atwater and surrounding areas.

Why Choose Us

There are a lot of welders and welding shops to choose from, so you may be asking yourself,  what sets K&M apart and makes them the right choice for you? The answer is quite simple. Quality of work done at a fair price. We tackle even the most difficult jobs and finish in a timely manner with a quality job. We do a full range of welding services including general fabrication and repair, we work with structural steel and aluminum, equipment repair and do commercial work. No job is too big or too small for our craftsman and we take great pride in our customer service.

Welding Fabrication

A “fab job” is usually based on an engineering drawing and normally put out on bids to see who would land the contract for the work itself. In a metal structure setting it is value added process which involves building a structure from the various raw materials which the engineer includes in his specifications. K&M has experts to take care of all of the jobs in fabrication including welding, cutting, forming and machining. Metal fabrication jobs start with the drawings, which include precise measurements so that installation fit perfectly to complete the project. Metal fabrication can be anything from metal buildings, and structural frames to heavy-duty equipment to a simple handrail.

All of our craftsmen are experts in their various jobs so that we can deliver a quality job promptly and at a fair price.

Welding Installation

Sometimes welding cannot be done on site because of safety or other concerns. In such a case the fundamental components or segments to the job may be done (fabricated) in an off-site location, preferably in our shop. Then when the individual components are complete, they are transported the site of the job and incorporated (installed) into the finished product. In a lot of cases fabrication of the component parts is much more difficult on the actual site. That is not to say there will be no welding done on site, but it allows us to finish a project with less welding on site.

Equipment Repair

We are experts at repairing your broken or cracked metal components or machinery so you can get back to work. Often a cracked part like a manifold or another other engine part makes your engine less effective or causes it to not work at all. If it is important to you so you can get that machinery back into tip-top shape, then it is important to us. We do welding on all sorts of heavy-duty equipment so it running properly and you can use it again for whatever it is meant to do.

About Us

About K&M Welding

K&M Welding has served the Atwater, California and surrounding communities of Merced, Modesto, Fresno, Sacramento, San Jose, Freemont, Richmond, and San Francisco for well over 2 decades. Our welding, fabrication and repair are guaranteed. Our company has been supplying structural steel and aluminum components since 1992. We supply handrails, safety rails, catwalks, commercial gates, enclosures and a myriad of other items for schools, commercial buildings, government buildings, water plants and residential homes on a daily basis.

K&M’s specialty is the difficult. We specialize in design projects and are able to create shop drawing on AutoCAD so you can see for yourself your project made to your specifications. We received the award from the American Institute of Architects for craftsmanship and we will bring the same craftsmanship and quality to your job.


Welding Fabrication 

When a metal or partially metal structure is proposed the first stop is the engineer’s office. The engineer  provides drawings and specifications, or “specs.” These Drawing and specs show how the building is designed to look and the “specs” dictate how it is to be put together and what raw materials to use.

The drawings and the “specs” tell us what various raw materials are needed for the project and where they go. These include precise measurements to make sure the component pieces fit exactly so that the structural integrity is not compromised. This process includes welding, cutting, forming, and machining of structural steel or construction grade aluminum. A structural metal fabrication can include anything from a simple metal carport to a giant skyscraper. K&M is an expert in all phases of metal construction and all of our craftsmen maintain expertise that you can count on for any project.

In any job where there a degree of metal work, we are the experts in metal structures. The owner of the project will choose a general contractor. A general contractor is in charge of the entire project.  If the project is a combination of wood, brick, block, mortar, and steel or aluminum we would bid as sub-contractors on the metal portion of the job.  At K&M welding we provide quality work in all aspects of the metal portion of the structure. If the project is all metal, we might be the general contractor. In any event, you can make sure that the project (or our portion of it), will be done in a professional manner with the highest degree of craftsmanship.

At K&M we are known for taking on difficult projects. We specialize in custom design-build projects. We use AutoCAD to create precise and exacting drawings for the specific project that you may have in mind. K&M received the craftsmanship award from the American Institute of Architects for one of our designs. We want to bring this level of excellence to your next project.              

Welding Installation

Sometimes it is not safe of prudent to get a total job done on site. In the instance of a job that needs to be done when many people are around, or it is in a school or a restaurant filled with patrons, sometimes the welding that is called for to do the job cannot be done because of safety or other concerns. In that case, it would better to do the fundamental component parts in an off-site location. We have all the tools to do it in our shop and when the components for the job are complete, (fabricated) they are transported back to the site and incorporated (installed) into a finished product. In most cases, an on-site fabrication might be extremely difficult on the actual site, and usually, the tools to do the expert job that we want to do are in our shop. So, we can fabricate what we need in the shop and the welding that we have to do on site is less. So that we can finish a job with less disturbing of a student body or patrons of a business.

A large installation does not lend itself to this. A large welding installation usually involves structural steel on site and the installation of columns and beams that are shop fabricated but it usually involves  much more on-site welding to complete a large installation. Commercial buildings are a case in point. We abide by the latest and newest earthquake codes that  California has in place.

Welding Repair

If you are on the job and you have some equipment break down, it usually costs you some very valuable time, and as the old saying goes, “time is money.” That is especially true if you are paying wages and there is a work stoppage because of broken equipment or if you are a farmer and have to get your crops in, or work comes to a standstill because of any problem that could be handled with a good weld job. We hear you, and at J&M we will get you going at full speed as soon as it is possible.

We can provide weld jobs either on-site or if need be at our shop – but one thing is sure, it will be a quality job because, for our customers, quality is Job One!  We can patch a hole in a steel grain bin so that a farmer doesn’t lose any of his valuable grain. We have done on site welding of tractors or combines and other farm machinery to assist the farmer in getting back into the field.

One of our specialties is construction equipment. K&M is well aware of the money lost if a simple truck hoist, or backhoe bucket, or a broken hitch needs a weld job. It is critical that you get the problem fixed and get it fixed right so you can go back to work and making money. The things that can go wrong on a construction job are many, and it usually the big things that  go wrong that can cost you valuable time and money. The job won’t stop if a worker calls in sick. A job won’t stop if someone breaks a ten dollar shovel. But you have to have your heavy equipment working and that is one of our specialties. If you want it done right the first time, call K&M.