Man’s Illness Guide

Cartoon doodle sick man head vector illustration I awakened last Friday to the irritating sound of an alarm. It sounded like the worn transmission of a Sherman tank. I also had a headache that would make G. Gordon Liddy spill military secrets. My eyes were red watery and felt too big for their sockets. My … Continue reading Man’s Illness Guide

A Smatterin’ of Suthen

Vector cartoon illustration of a country banjo player Got a call from a friend who was born Alabama and after a brief stay up in the northern climate went right back to his roots in Alabama. This brought some memories of a trip Brunhilda and I went down to see him. I believe it was … Continue reading A Smatterin’ of Suthen

Beer Land

The electronic marvels of television have introduced all of us to many fantasy lands of one kind of or another. Television has brought into our homes visions of mythical places different from the real world we live in. Disney animation has taken us to places like “Never-Never Land,” “Toyland,” “Tomorrowland,’ “Frontierland.” Even the adults have … Continue reading Beer Land

School Shopping With Mom

Clothing store. Man and woman clothes shop and boutique. Shopping, fashion, bags, accessories. Flat style vector illustration. With the ads on TV talking about school shopping again, I gets me back to thinking about my brother and I being taken to the only store in town that sold clothes. (It was a really small town.) … Continue reading School Shopping With Mom

Interviewing the Dog

A happy cartoon dog with a bone in his mouth. There have been a lot of changes around our house. The kids have all gone to college to take their talents for chaotic housekeeping, high decibel level vocal expression, and emotional roller coaster rides. Now the newest member of the family is one of the … Continue reading Interviewing the Dog

Adventures with a stick shift

I saw a decal on the side of a car that said "Mellennial anti-theft device" and then it had the likeness of a stick shift, (standard transmission). I thought that my kids and stepkids should learn to drive a standard transmission. After dealing from my own seed, who were older, I took to teaching my … Continue reading Adventures with a stick shift