Wallpaper Caper

Brunhilda and I had a move to accommodate her new job as an English teacher in Bismarck, ND. So we went looking for houses, which is a man’s second least favorite thing to do. The least favorite thing is going shopping for a dress and holding your purse while you are in the dressing room. … Continue reading Wallpaper Caper


55411373 - business man confused As I was writing an email this morning, it got me to thinking. This day and age we are using words that weren’t even in our vocabularies when I was younger. Whoever heard of a “worldwide web?” Even the word “Internet” is a new one, or new as we use … Continue reading Words

Poke Your Eye Out!

cartoon aggressive angry woman in glasses screaming looking down I was in a dept. store recently and I heard a mother chastise her kid, she said: “Put that away before you poke your eye out.”  I couldn’t see what the child had in his hand because they were on the other side of the display … Continue reading Poke Your Eye Out!

Four Billion More Brain Cells

Funny and not very clever cartoon man is sawing a tree brunch he is sitting on Did you readers know that the average male has about four billion more brain cells than the average female? Now before all the women out there hold some sort of a caucus where they will unanimously decide to tie … Continue reading Four Billion More Brain Cells

Fiscal Voo-Doo

Vector flat illustration of a happy young woman driver sitting rides in his red car. Design concept of buy a new car I don’t think that there has ever been a case of fiscal voo-doo that I have ever experienced (except when Congress is in session). Nobody but a father can understand these things. Most … Continue reading Fiscal Voo-Doo

No Wonder I’m So Tired

businessman in a squirrel wheel. Pop art retro comic book vector illustration I think that I am overworked. For a long time I’ve blamed it on old age, iron poor blood, lack of vitamins, air pollution, imitation sweetener, over weight, wax buildup, dry skin, allergies, high blood pressure, and a dozen other terrible things that … Continue reading No Wonder I’m So Tired

A Change of Pace for Me

Rose and american flag on wood background Usually I write something that will tickle your funny bone, bring a smile to your face and if I am lucky, make you laugh out loud occasionally. But sometimes I run into to something that other people wrote that I just have to share with anyone who is … Continue reading A Change of Pace for Me