Bathsheba’s off to College

Cartoon stick drawing conceptual illustration of man driving car overloaded by boxes,objects and luggage. Classes started at the state university this past Monday. Stepdaughter Bathsheba is one of the new students attending and has taken up residence in one of the dormitories. So there is one less teenager in my home. This is a cause … Continue reading Bathsheba’s off to College

Bathsheba’s Graduation part 2

The title for this blog is a cause for alarm. It tells you in a nutshell (how very appropriate) that the recent graduation week was brimming with enough stress and drama that it could not be conveyed in only one installment. “You know it is only about 2 weeks or so until Bathsheba’s graduation, don’t … Continue reading Bathsheba’s Graduation part 2

Bathsheba’s Graduation part 1

I think I made a face that would resemble Jim Carrey sucking on a lemon when Brunhilda stormed into the room; and Brunhilda – always on the offensive in these wars -  was ready for my weak opposition to this anticipated raid on my wallet. (Not that money is everything, but I have found it … Continue reading Bathsheba’s Graduation part 1