Old man Getting old isn’t much fun at all.  I suppose I choose it only because it seems better than the alternative.  But I have had memory-lapses, decreased vision, skin tags, memory- lapses, painful hemorrhoidal swelling, high cholestoral, cataracs, not to mention - memory lapses. Getting old means taking medications with bad side effects - … Continue reading Earitating

Announcers Fractured English

21014553 - embarrassed emoticon There are few sporting seasons that are as eagerly anticipated as the opening of Baseball Season.  Maybe it is because that is the signal for the Summer Season and we all look forward to Summer. Yogi Berra, the legendary Yankee Catcher was known for his clutch hits and his many World … Continue reading Announcers Fractured English

Hillbilly Guide to Prom Etiquette

Colorful vector illustration of a cartoon farmer or redneck  I was preparing my son for his first prom, and I admit that I am not Amy Vanderbilt of etiquette, but I had been to a prom before, (back in the dark ages) and thought I knew what I was talking about. My brother-in-law, being a … Continue reading Hillbilly Guide to Prom Etiquette

Redecorating the House

The man buried his head in the sand vector illustration The Main Squeeze is redecorating my house. I don’t think that I will live through it. I doubt that there is very little that is more oppressive to anyone who is burdened with a Y Chromosome than a remodeling project. Part of the ‘Y’ Chromosome … Continue reading Redecorating the House

The Bumpus Hounds Retire

When I eventually split the sheets with Brunhilda, She got the furniture, the investments, the pots and pans, the flatware, and the checking account. I got the bumpus hounds - Iggy and Rosie. I guess they were a consolation prize. In order to salve some of my marital wounds, I decided to take a trip … Continue reading The Bumpus Hounds Retire