The Dirtball Table

Two children, a girl and a boy enjoy their healthy breakfast of cereal, milk, juice, and fruits. vector illustration I attended an important business luncheon a few days ago with a lot of impressive suits. I could tell that by the number of silk neckties and Armeni jackets on the men and the dark skirts … Continue reading The Dirtball Table

Our Bodies Betray Us

27769982 - vector illustration of cartoon old man I had an experience over the weekend that so scared me that it actually hurts me to write about it. I was a guest in someone else’s house. It was nearly dark and I found myself in the kitchen. The kitchen was filled with normal kitchen things … Continue reading Our Bodies Betray Us

Some More Fractured Sport Talk

20686954 - happy running baseball with big smile There are few sporting seasons that are as eagerly anticipated as the opening of Baseball Season.  Maybe it is because that is the signal for the Summer Season and we all look forward to Summer. Yogi Berra, the legendary Yankee Catcher, was known for his clutch hits … Continue reading Some More Fractured Sport Talk