Interviewing the Dog

A happy cartoon dog with a bone in his mouth. There have been a lot of changes around our house. The kids have all gone to college to take their talents for chaotic housekeeping, high decibel level vocal expression, and emotional roller coaster rides. Now the newest member of the family is one of the … Continue reading Interviewing the Dog

Adventures with a stick shift

I saw a decal on the side of a car that said "Mellennial anti-theft device" and then it had the likeness of a stick shift, (standard transmission). I thought that my kids and stepkids should learn to drive a standard transmission. After dealing from my own seed, who were older, I took to teaching my … Continue reading Adventures with a stick shift

My Heaven

854268 - angel on cloud 9                         I do a lot of reading in whatever spare time I can find and one author who never fails to tickle my funny bone with his brand of humor is Mark Twain.             I was looking over one of his books again for the third or fourth … Continue reading My Heaven