Catalog Shopping

Yesterday, I wrote about how my mother was responsible for my neurosis with her taking my brother and me school shopping. I wrote what a terrible embarrassment and that she was personally responsible for my phobia about department store dressing rooms. From then on, I did most of my shopping from catalogs. Among my favorites … Continue reading Catalog Shopping

Beer Land

The electronic marvels of television have introduced all of us to many fantasy lands of one kind of or another. Television has brought into our homes visions of mythical places different from the real world we live in. Disney animation has taken us to places like “Never-Never Land,” “Toyland,” “Tomorrowland,’ “Frontierland.” Even the adults have … Continue reading Beer Land

Murphy, You’re in Charge

I think that when God was finished creating the earth and man in particular, he said: “OK, Murphy, you’re in charge!” How else can we explain the many things that happen to us on a daily basis that frustrated us? Case in point: A button never falls off your shirt unless it’s your last clean … Continue reading Murphy, You’re in Charge

The Feminist Studies

A strong man leads his girl home Bathsheba, who is now ensconced in the beer-soaked world of college, was home for a few days for a “breather.” I thought the people that needed “breathers” were boxers in a ring between rounds or big offensive linemen who were seen sucking oxygen out of a mask. I … Continue reading The Feminist Studies

Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down

My mother used to love to go to church. Sometimes the rest of the family didn’t make it easy for her to enjoy those times, but I think, by an large, she enjoyed every minute of it.           It was not only that she had unshakeable faith in her maker; but was a steadfast, unfaltering … Continue reading Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down

Bathsheba Goes to St. Paul

It was a Wednesday afternoon, Chipper and Bathsheba – the two youngest, and therefore for the ones still nesting with us, had a chance to hitch a ride to spend Thanksgiving with their dad. The person giving them a ride was my nephew, who was going to a local college and heading home himself for … Continue reading Bathsheba Goes to St. Paul