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Nothing particularly exciting has happened to me or, Brunhilde recently.  Unless you think that dropping a ten foot 2 x 10 on my toe was exciting.  I guarantee you if you could have heard the words that came out of my mouth – you would have thought that something darned exciting was going on!  However, I don’t want to discuss my poor, semi-smashed, blue-under-the- nail toe at this point. I figure I’ll have a much better sense of humor about it when it stops hurting.

However, that doesn’t get a blog written.  When I concentrate too hard all that comes up are questions. So I will share some of them with you.

Why are more people apt to believe something you tell them if you whisper it?

Why do some RV evangelists who have large mansions, fly all over the world, wear thousand dollar suits with silk ties; and ride around in chauffeured limousines, need the last $20.00 from some poor lady who lives on a pension?

What did people go back to before they had drawing boards?

Can Atheists eat Miracle Whip?

Why do doctors that treat women’s problems call themselves gynecologists?  Would galnecologists be more suitable?

Why is the Secretary of the Interior in charge of everything outdoors?

Why do we feel most like sleeping when it is time to get up?  (If you can’t sleep at a hotel, you could just tell the front desk to give you a wake-up call.)

Why is it that the government who warns us not to smoke or chew, also subsidized tobacco farmers?

Why do banks put braille dots on the keyboard of drive-up ATM machines?

Why do airplanes flying from New York to California have plane seats that are also floatation devices? Wouldn’t it be better to make the seat a parachute?

Why is it a shipment if you send something by car, but it is cargo when it is on a ship?

Why do we call that little storage place in a car the “glove compartment?” Look in there, are there any gloves? Some people call it the “cubbie hole.” Why? There aren’t any cubbies in there.

Why do we put fences around cemeteries? Nobody can get out, and people are not too eager to get in.

Why do teenagers always say there is nothing to do, but they need to stay out late at night to get it done?

When you lose two socks in the washer or dryer, why is it never a pair? Why is it always one sock from different sets?

Why is it that a man who blames the equipment, the grounds, the weather, the noise levels, or the playing conditions for any bad shot on a round of golf will also feel 100% personally responsible for a hole-in-one?

If we really want to “get away from it all” once in a while, why do we take our cordless phones with us?

Why do we think of the most clever things to say after the argument is over?

Why does every child living in one household never like the same cereal?

Do you suppose that hens become discouraged or paranoid when they always find things missing from where they laid them?

Why are wieners packaged in groups of six or twelve and buns packaged in groups of eight?

Who really decides when the latest dog or cat food has a new meaty flavor?

If we ever got rid of country-western music, would we replace it with city and eastern?

8 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Sorry to hear about your toenail, I hope you are better soon! As far as your questions I get them. All the unexcitement around my plantar fasciitis gets me thinking of so many other things too. Why do birds have wings? Why is the sky blue? I’m rambling I know….


    1. It would be arrogant think that my musings are my alone. I am happy that you enjoyed my post and commented. I hope to hear more from you and I will be looking for your posts as well.


    1. That is my sole purpose for writing, to bring a smile or laughter to someone. Thanks for commenting, it means a lot to me. I have read some of your posting and all of them a very good. Tnanks for commenting, it means a lot.


    1. Sorry for the for not being timely on my reply. I usually try to get to any comments in no less than 48 hours. But I had to travel to Minnesota for a funeral and I stayed awhile longer with family and friends. Never thought I would say this, but it was good to take in some cold weather and feel the snow scrunch and squeek as I walked. Toe is doing fine, but I had to have to nail removed. So now I have 10 toes and 9 toenails. Thanks for commenting.


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