21014553 – embarrassed emoticon

           I am over 70 years old, but I still remember the most embarrassing moment I had as a second grader in 1953.

           I grew up in a small town in North Dakota. In the 50’s we had one theater called the KOTA, and they ran Saturday afternoon matinees geared for kids. Nearly every kid in town was there and the cost of admission was a dime and they had a candy counter full of five cent candy, (remember Necco, Nibs, and Black Cows?) The matinees were usually westerns or comedies, but my favorite was Tarzan!

          It was a Monday in school and I had just seen a Tarzan matinee with the greatest Tarzan of all – Johnny Weissmuller. I entered the boy’s bathroom that morning, and because of the weight of the door, I thought it was pretty soundproof. It wasn’t. When the door shut, I let out this ear piercing Tarzan yell. I was aghast when I heard all of my classmates laughing uproariously on the other side of the door.

           I stayed in as long as my embarrassment would let me and when I came out I was greeted by gales of laughter. My second grade teacher was Miss Ronnigan and she was a gem. But even she couldn’t control her laughter. 62 years later I still look back on that Tarzan yell as my most embarrassing moment.

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