The Boogeyman of Socialism

Pardon me for getting political on you, and I don’t want to seem like I am getting on my soapbox here, but I will be accused of it anyway so I can take it. The political rhetoric is heating up already. BOTH PARTIES wish to have their party in the White House, and both want to gain control of Congress. (It seems like we shouldn’t give two hoots about which party controls Congress because they can’t get anything done anyway.)

The word Socialism is going to be a BIG topic. GOOD! There needs to be a real understanding of the word and its usage.

First of all, Socialism is NOT Communism! I believe that is this is part of a hangover of the McCarthy era and the cold war wherein everybody that had a scintilla of liberal thought was accused of being a Communist. Pretty soon the term Socialist was wrongly used as being the same or identical to Communism. I repeat it is NOT!

We need to get a handle on the understanding of the word socialism, and it’s usage. If only because you are going to hear a lot it at some of these rallies as the 2020 election gets nearer.

In pure Communism, there would be no General Motors, No U.S. Steel, no Standard Oil, no IBM, the government would have full control of all these as well every other privately owned company.

The word Socialism is being bandied around like some sort of “boogeyman.” Like it was a ball and chain for corporate America. That is wrong! 95% of the people who use the word Socialism don’t know what it means. It is hurled around like some sort of an insult.

Let me give you a few examples of a family wo. Let me ask you first, who would you call if your house was on fire? The Fire Dept? That is Socialist. And who would you call if your home was burglarized? The police department is also Socialist. So are the public schools.

You get your mail delivered to your address or your P.O. box by the postal service, another example of Socialism. How many people would be lost if we didn’t have the safety net of Social Security or Medicare? I would like to see what would happen if you tried to take those things away from our elderly. There are likely many of you who applied for employment when you were out of work; another Socialist program.

Did you notice that many of these “Socialist programs” are beneficial to Capitalism? One does not necessarily exclude the other.

On this Memorial weekend, many people will be taking a holiday. It doesn’t matter whether you drive or fly or take the train. Who do you suppose pays for the interstate highway you may be traveling on, or who do you think supplies the infrastructure on the runways and railroads and who do you think keeps you safe with air controllers, the TSA, and the FAA? Socialistic all!

Now, we know that Communism doesn’t work. The U.S.S.R. is proof of that. But when 98% of the wealth is in the hands of 1% of the people, you may disagree, but neither doesn’t unfettered capitalism! Moderation! Moderation! Moderation!  A Democratic Socialism can thrive (and is necessary in these times).

I saw a cartoon drawing of a family who is obviously on vacation. They are listening to the radio where some pundit is spewing that universal healthcare is socialistic! All the while this publicly educated family is listening on government regulated airwaves driving on a government built interstate, all sipping water from a municipal system on its way to a national park! How ironic is that?

It is really interesting to know what the 10 happiest countries in the world are. I will give them to you, in ascending order with the happiest country in the world being the last to be listed. Number 10 starts with Australia, followed by Sweden, New Zealand, Canada, and the Netherlands. The 5 most happy countries in the world are Switzerland, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, and the number one is Finland! ALL SOCIALIST DEMOCRACIES!!!!

What these countries and people have in common, are they take care of their citizens, educate them for free, (including college in the Scandavanian states) and have free or inexpensive healthcare.

So let’s take the Boogeyman out of the word Socialism and understand what it really means. It is just a shame that we are already 50 years behind other SMART countries in this regard. Let us understand what Socialism means. EVERY American benefits!!!!

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