The Stepfamily

I was once a stepfather to three children. This is an onerous duty. It came about because I also took on the mission of a second wife. My friends all said that I was a glutton for punishment, but I guess loneliness and the solitary life didn’t agree with me at the time.

I wasn’t overjoyed to take on three stepchildren, ages 10, 7, and 4, but sometimes being in love and lust does not lead to clear, logical thinking. I thought I was up to this monumental undertaking. Wrong!  My life from that point on was punctuated with infinite sibling disputes, massive defiance, confrontation, stress, strain, and endless worry. And that was only the kids, the mom was another test of character. It was an enormous effort getting all three through the teenage years and off to college. I love all three, but even they will tell you now that they were a handful!

I am going to write a separate story (blog) of my life as a stepfather with three unusually bright, unmanagable stepchildren, and their mother. (My wife.) In order to protect the real names of the guilty, I am going to use pseudo-names for each. The two sisters, ages 10 and 7, I will call Cleopatra and Bathsheba respectively.

Why do I call them that? It is easy, the two sisters were so spoiled and thought that they should be treated like royalty, that I thought I would give them two names of famous queens. The boy I called “Chipper,” for no apparent reason other than I could not find anything better.

I called my second wife Brunhilda, after a book that I read as a boy where the ever so efficient, fastidious and infinitely finicky mom in the novel, was so named. I gave her the additional moniker of Brunhilda the Taskmaster after she had me on ladders for more than a week (with my 39 cent knees) and had me wallpaper 4 rooms in our new house.

So, you will find the misadventures of Dakota Doug with his stepfamily in my blogs all through April.  I just embarked on the ultimate blog challenge where I have contracted to write a blog every day in April. Wish me luck and “tune in” to my website for these amusing stories.

Photo by Juan Cruz Mountford on Unsplash

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