The Explorer

AN EXPLORER’S TWO-SEATER PLANE RUNS out of fuel as he’s flying across the wilds of the Amazon, and he’s forced to crash land in the jungle. He climbs out of the plane, starts walking, and suddenly hundreds of screaming savages come running out of the dense forest and surround him, chanting and grunting and madly waving their spears. He says to himself, “I’m fucked.” Just then a deep voice bellows into his ear from the heavens and says, “You’re not fucked. Grab the spear of the closest native and run it through their chief’s heart.” He reaches over, grabs the spear out of the hands of the closest warrior, runs over to the guy in the tribe with the most feathers in his headdress (obviously their chief) and lunges the spear deep into his chest right where his heart is! The deep voice says, “Now you’re fucked.”

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