North Dakota – The First Miss America

Proud to be a NoDak…

It is now a good time to be from one of the least populous states widely known for only wind and cold. North Dakota is an assemblage of small towns surrounded by rich land and family farms. The largest town is about 1% of the population of New York City. However, there is another assemblage in North Dakota. An assemblage of a kind, insightful people with an almost unmatched work ethic and common sense borne out of rural agrarian roots.

I am proud to be a NoDak. And now . . . we have a Miss America! North Dakota’s first and only. Ever since the very first Miss America pageant, North Dakota has only three contestants to ever make the top ten and nary a single winner. Just to let you know how singular this is; California has over fifty times more young ladies to choose from, so this particular young lady, Cara Mund, must be pretty special – and she is.

Cara sets her sights on something

At the age of fourteen when most teenage girls are majoring in intolerance, boys, I-phones and sarcasm, Cara turned her attention to philanthropy. In the next ten years she raised over $78,000 for the Make a Wish Foundation. She granted 23 wishes for the children in her home state.

She is an Ivy League graduate and high achiever who sets her sights on an equally elevated plane. She wants to be the first female governor of her home state of North Dakota. You had better believe that when Cara sets her sights on something, that the governor’s office may be in for a redecoration with a feminine touch.


North Dakota, because of the extreme cold and flat plains, was always thought of as a place to be from and seldom a place to go to. Cara Mund may have changed all that. In talking to people from other states, the depiction of NoDak women was characterized as a typical strong milkmaid or the plain Jane pioneer out of Laura Ingalls novel. Cara Mund brings a new meaning to the word North Dakota strong. She has strength of character, she has a strong sense of charity, she has a keen intellect, and a sense of purpose.

Is North Dakota on your bucket list?

Theodore Roosevelt loved it, how about you?

Photo by Thomas Evans on Unsplash

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